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We are dedicated to independent musicians looking to take their music careers into their own hands. We have strategic relations with professionals from across the international music industry on the cutting edge of this new music era, including Blockchain for music. We specialize in POP, R&B, HIP HOP, SINGER SONGWRITER, and LATIN. We can help you transform your project from that deep internal desire into a loyal international fanbase for a LIFELONG viable music career. Your music, your music biz.


Everything starts with the MUSIC. To get your songs to their true potential they will need to have a recording that can hold its own in a competitive global market. Whether that's programming, live musicians, or both, Spirit Seven Music will guide you through the process, no matter where you live on the planet, and bring your songs to new heights ready for publishing, licensing, and/or marketing.


Your songs can have mutiple lives. The possibilities that publishing brings are virtually limitless. With all the content being created for this new on-demand world of streaming, gaming, film production, and advertisements, your songs could potentially generate royalties for decades; the proverbial "mailbox money" of passive income. Spirit Seven Music is continually in contact with music supervisors looking for music to highlight in their productions for TV, film, and advertising. There are also creative ways of creating income through YouTube, Spotify, and all other digital and social media platforms. It's a new day in the music industry and it's time to take advantage for your own, personal, music business. 


While the first thought that comes to mind when thinking about marketing your music would be sales, the truth is what you should be thinking about is branding. Your music must connect emotionally beyond just the sound. We humans experience the world through our five senses, plus our intuition... so should your music. Rather than the classical major label approach of finding artificial personalities for marketing, together we will translate your inner world into a "personal culture" that's true and sustainable for your fans to follow and connect.


Blockchain, or distributed ledger technology, has the potential to be a real game changer, finally leveling the playing field for musicians, artists, producers, etc., who up to now have been systematically economically exploited by the music industry as a whole. We all know the drill; Record labels not declaring true record sales and cooking the books for production and release expenses. Publishing companies not disclosing all the royalty payments received, author societies with obscure accounting royalty statements. All of them gatekeepers between you and your rightful piece of the pie. Blockchain changes all that by decentralizing the movement of funds, distributing them directly to each participant in the production, automatically, through "smart contracts". Spirit Seven Music is committed to being an early adopter of this revolutionary technology for every release.

Your Music - Your Music Biz

Be a musicpreneur... own your music career. Drop us a link to your music.
Together we'll create a sustainable music industry.